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The Microelectronics Agenda was created as part of the mobilising agendas of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR). It seeks to strengthen the production and innovation capacity of the national semiconductor and microelectronics industry. It involves a group of 17 partners and seeks to help position Portugal at the forefront of the semiconductor management, production, distribution and recycling market, capable of supplying Europe and other countries worldwide.

Aligned with the EU’s semiconductor initiatives: ICPEI ME (Important Project of Common European Interest on MicroElectronics) and the EU Chips Act, it is an initiative that aims to help unlock the potential of the semiconductor industry and contribute to bringing added value to European society.

Project Areas



Increasing national production capacity

It aims to diversify and strengthen the productive capacity of the microelectronics sector at a national level.


Investment in R&D

It seeks to strengthen the internal capacity of companies in the sector to create new processes, products, services, materials and technologies.


Internationalisation and Promotion of the Sector's Image

It aims to create a consolidated sector brand and promote the internationalisation of the microelectronics sector, namely through technology transfer, product exports and international cooperation.


Development of
Advanced Technologies

It aims to promote innovative projects and foster technological training in the microelectronics sector.


Human Resources Training
and Capacity Building

It aims to train professionals to work in the microelectronics sector by promoting training academies, workshops, bootcamps and customised courses.


Recycling and Waste Recovery

It aims to identify processes for managing electronic waste and recycling precious metals, contributing to the sustainability of the sector.


The Agenda in numbers.


investment areas

The Microelectronics Agenda invests in strategic areas such as increasing production capacity, advanced packaging technologies, high-speed access networks, integrated optical circuits and training human resources for the factories of the future.



The Microelectronics Agenda will run for 36 months, from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024, to encourage research and development of innovative technologies in semiconductors and microelectronics in Portugal.


Products, Processes and Services

The 25 new products, processes and services resulting from the Agenda aim to transform the microelectronics sector and contribute to its resilience, competitiveness and ecological sustainability, and will enable the Portuguese ecosystem to monitor and anticipate the sector’s needs.

0 M€

global investment

The Microelectronics Agenda has a significant financial investment to boost the research and development of advanced technologies in semiconductors and microelectronics, train human resources and promote the industrialization of these technologies in Portugal.


The Microelectronics Agenda is made up of a consortium of 17 partners, including companies, research institutions and universities, with the aim of encouraging research and development of advanced technologies in semiconductors and microelectronics in Portugal.



The ME Agenda is divided into twenty-one small collaborative projects, designed and structured to meet the objectives and goals proposed by the consortium members, in order to promote a national response to the systemic failures inherent in the European sector.

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