The INL – Laboratório Ibérico Internacional de Nanotecnologia, , based in Braga, is an intergovernmental organisation legally constituted by the governments of Portugal and Spain, which operates in the field of micro and nanofabrication.

Equipped with advanced technical and scientific equipment, the INL’s clean room provides greater reproducibility and integration with industrial processes.

INL has established collaborations with business network partners (regional, national and international), and is the institution responsible for the national coordination of micro and nanofabrication (Micro&NanoFabs@PT), which involves 2 facilities equipped with a clean room (INL and INESC-MN) and the MEMS laboratory at the University of Minho.

INL is also part of the European group EuroNanoLab, which is the European network of laboratories in the field of study. As a benchmark in micro and nanofabrication, INL will make an important contribution to the research and development of innovative methodologies and materials in the area of packaging, in collaboration with ATEP, to keep up with the scientific and technological evolution of the market.

what they are

developing as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

– Development of methodologies and materials to boost advances in wafer-level packaging technology and MEMS&Sensors, in particular increasing the density of interconnections to meet the current needs for miniaturisation and performance in the sector.
These developments will be achieved through close collaboration between INL, which is responsible for part of the R&D effort, and ATEP, which is responsible for the subsequent integration of technologies, materials and processes into its operation.

– Assembly and Test of Differential Pressure sensor for Automotive

– Assembly and Test of MEMS Inertial sensor for Automotive


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