Fi Group

Fi Group

FI Group is a leading global innovation management company that supports the promotion of innovation in companies and public organisations by attracting funding for the development of their Research and Development (R&D) activities through comprehensive management of investment funds, tax incentives and business intelligence solutions.

Considering its core business, FI Group will be responsible for managing and coordinating AM, a project in which it will be Deputy Leader of WP21, and which will take place in the Oporto office. The Group, which has an international presence, will also be the project’s Administrative and Financial Manager, as stated in the Consortium Contract.

what they are developing

as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

Administrative and Financial Manager of the Microelectronic Agenda project


where they are present in the world

The team has more than 1600 professionals spread across 42 international offices. We are present in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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