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Universidade de Aveiro

Universidade de Aveiro (UA), The University of Aveiro (UA), a university internationally recognised for the quality of its teaching and research, has the vision of becoming one of Europe’s leading research and development institutions, increasing European collaborations and contributing to the construction and consolidation of the European Research Area.

The UA develops cutting-edge research in strategic areas of knowledge, with a strong focus on applied research. In this Agenda, the UA will be represented by the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) and the Department of Environment and Planning (DAO).

The UA will contribute to the development of chips for new communication technologies, to the diagnosis and design of industrial optimisation processes that reduce the ecological footprint of the semiconductor industry and to the creation and definition of industrial processes related to the circular economy and recycling of products from the Microelectronics sector.

what they are

developing as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

Within the scope of the Microelectronics Agenda: treatment and recovery of liquid effluents (water-based or organic-based), treatment and recovery of gaseous effluents and solvent recovery, life cycle assessment:

– Solvent recovery and gaseous effluent treatment

– Analysing the reactivity of solvent-based concentrated liquid effluents

– Liquid effluent treatment system on the new panel line

– Solutions for the reuse/disposal of concentrated organic solvent waste

– Solutions for treating liquid effluents with a high concentration of organic compounds


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