The ISR – Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica, based at the University of Coimbra, a private non-profit research institution, has the general objective of creating a multidisciplinary research team of excellence, capable of carrying out cutting-edge research in relevant areas of science and technology, with special emphasis on systems and robotics. 

The ISR promotes advanced multidisciplinary R&D in the areas of Autonomous Mobile Robotics, Intelligent Transport Systems, Search and Rescue Robotics, Robotic Manipulation, Computer Vision, Medical Robotics, Assistive Technologies, Biomedical Engineering, Advanced Technologies for Industrial Automation and Intelligent Energy Systems.

Together with FhP-AICOS and INESC-MN, ISR will be a key player in the digital transformation of the sector’s industrial infrastructure, being a sub-leader of 2 projects.

what they are

developing as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

– Automated systems for shopfloor (smart manufacturing)


– SMART MANUFACTURING: AUTOMATIC PRODUCTS AND MATERIAL(S) DISTRIBUTION IN THE LINE USING – a solution for automating the loading/unloading of loads carried on trolleys transported by an AGV.

– Efficiency of the packing line. ISR will develop a technological solution that will make it possible to automate ATEP’s packing line.

– Research, development and innovation


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