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Amkor Portugal

Amkor Portugal

A ATEP – Amkor Technology Portugal, is the leader of the Microelectronics Agenda. As a subsidiary of Amkor Technology Inc., one of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced packaging and semiconductor testing services, ATEP is an essential part of the semiconductor value chain and has established itself as a partner of the main semiconductor companies in Europe.

ATEP’s leadership aims to contribute to boosting the Portuguese semiconductor and microelectronics ecosystem, through investments in partnership with the main entities of the national scientific system, given its unique skills and vast experience in the sector, since it is the only industry in the area of semiconductor production in Portugal.

Through its investments and sub-projects, ATEP intends to introduce new products, processes and services, both in terms of volume, diversification of technologies, digitalisation and the efficiency of its processes. This innovation is expected to have a multiplier effect through the technical, scientific and organisational contributions of all the consortium members.

what they are

developing as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

As a company dedicated to the advanced assembly and testing of semiconductors, ATEP aims to introduce new products and innovative technologies to the European and global semiconductor market, serving the automotive, security and communications markets, among others.

  • Wafer Level Packaging and Test of High Frequency RADAR sensors, for automotive
  • Wafer level Packaging and Test of 5G Communication devices, for wireless communications
  • Assembly and Test of MEMS Pressure Sensors, for Automotive
  • Assembly and Test of Differential Pressure sensor, for Automotive
  • Assembly and Test of Digital Satellite Receiver, for Automotive
  • Wafer Level Packaging of Power Module IC

where they are present in the world

In terms of market segments, we are mainly in Automotive, Industrial, Communications and Security.
Geographically, we have clients in Europe, the United States and Singapore.


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