The Aveiro District Chamber of Commerce and Industry , founded in 1986, is a multi-sectoral association of public utility covering the Aveiro region.

AIDA CCI members are spread across the most diverse sectors of activity, also representing companies in the trade and services sector whose activity is (in)directly linked to industry. Within the scope of its activity, it is important to highlight the Business Missions, with the aim of prospecting, strengthening and consolidating emerging foreign markets, seminars/workshops and thematic sessions to present markets, market studies, networking sessions, logistical support for foreign delegations, demonstration sessions and publicising results to other entities and sectors, among others. As part of its work, AIDA JRC will publicise and promote the initiatives, products and results of the agenda internationally, bringing together the conditions and skills to leverage the sector for international markets.

what they are

developing as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

– International press office, which aims to promote and publicise products, components, technologies and results developed by the value chain within the scope of this Agenda. The dissemination of information (preparation of press releases, news/articles, etc.) will favour the international media, especially in the target markets.

– Media buying, focusing on advertising content in the international press. Websites, newspapers and specialised magazines (digital format) will be identified for dissemination and development of marketing campaigns, focusing on the Social Networks of the Agenda’s target markets.

– Participation in international events (fairs, conferences, congresses, B2B meetings, among others), with the aim of publicising the initiatives being developed by the Agenda and thus promoting the creation of cooperation networks based on the exchange of experiences and knowledge, which will result in new business partnerships.


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