Exatronic, Lda is a company specialising in innovation, research, engineering and manufacturing services in the electronics sector. Exatronic provides hardware and firmware engineering, industrialisation, assembly and end product testing services to various industries. As a company based on innovation, Exatronic has highly qualified and motivated professionals capable of providing services and products with the highest quality standards. It is dedicated to the design, development, industrialisation and production of electronic systems.

As a technology-based company, Exatronic has highly qualified and motivated people, as well as production and testing equipment capable of guaranteeing the highest quality standards. Exatronic operates in accordance with an Integrated Management System – ISO 9001:2008 and NP 4457:2007 for innovation, development and research processes.

Exatronic will contribute to the digital transformation of the sector, as it will develop subsystems for IoT devices that allow the sector to keep up with the miniaturisation and ultra-low power imposed by the market, being the sub-leader of 2 projects.

what they are

developing as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

– MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Exatronic. This PPS consists of updating Exatronic’s Manufacturing execution system, through the creation of new logic blocks that increase the integration of already digitized information, allowing the streamlining of manufacturing operations planning.

– ODS (Ocean Data Sensors). This PPS consists of integrated ultra-low-power IoT devices, with energy harvesting capabilities and integration of sensors capable of measuring physical variables in the Ocean.

Temperature, pressure, salinity, luminosity and IMU sensors in ultra-low power sub-systems, connectable to terrestrial and non-terrestrial communications networks, with energy harvesting with analogue front-end circuits based on COTS components (analogue-to-digital converter, amplifiers, and processor) for demonstration of IoT devices with high integration density, as smart connected devices with integrated sensors, focused on monitoring in the marine environment, in the Ocean.


where they are present in the world

Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom


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