TRC – Test and Repair Company, Lda


TRC - Test and Repair Company, Lda

 TRC – Test and Repair Company, Lda, is a company dedicated to the development and production of automated test platforms, has the know-how to carry out repairs at various levels. Its aim is to develop solutions and processes that help customers and reverse logistics operators recover the costs of purchasing goods as much as possible. The flexibility to adjust development to customers’ needs is a key feature of TRC, developing solutions to test equipment of different technologies.

Its contribution to the Agenda will be vital in industrial processes, digitalization of the sector, namely in the design of intelligent systems for equipment repair, and it is the sub-leader of the sub-project in this area.

what they are

developing as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

– Automatic testing tool. The PPS consists of an automatic testing tool with monitoring and alarm supervision functionalities and a repair recommendation system.

– Testing, reconditioning and repair service. PPS consists of a testing, reconditioning and repair service for electronic equipment with production optimisation.


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