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PICadvanced, S.A

PICadvanced, S.A

Founded in 2014, a PICadvanced is dedicated to developing optoelectronic solutions for the telecoms market, presenting a wide range of products for current and future passive optical network technologies. The company’s products enable better use of bandwidth, accelerating the speed of existing fibre-optic infrastructure for homes and premises and facilitating the implementation of 5G.

Based in Portugal, PICadvanced’s R&D&I team is made up of young engineers and experienced specialists in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, optics and mechanics, enabling the design of innovative new products, as well as the provision of specialised services in the fields of electronics, digital signal processing, the design of integrated optical circuit architectures and chip encapsulation.


PICadvanced offers simulation, design, encapsulation and testing services for chips and components based on integrated optical circuits for future access networks and other telecommunications applications. It also has a consultancy service in the area of integrated optics to support customers in developing solutions from concept to implementation.

Since PICadvanced is a company specialising in providing optical solutions for access networks, its expertise in the field of electronics and firmware, including digital signal processing and control (DSP), the design and testing of specific electronic boards, as well as the development of software dedicated to the implementation of its products, are services that the company also provides to its potential clients. In addition, it also has the know-how to carry out consultancy services in the area of specific electronics, providing support to its clients at any stage in the process of developing new ideas or products.


Optoelectronic components for optical networks

what they are

developing as part of the Microelectronics Agenda

Operating in its various components, PICadvanced’s main objective for the microelectronics agenda is the development of encapsulated optical integrated circuits (chips) for optical communications. For its outcome to be successful, the following areas are addressed: design, simulation and testing of optical integrated circuits (PICs); design and testing of specific electronics for PICs; encapsulation in dedicated platforms for PICs.


where they are present in the world

The Portuguese market is still the most representative market in PICadvanced’s turnover, but the company is already present in the American market, namely in countries such as Brazil and the USA. It also has a presence in the Asian market in countries such as China and South Korea.


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