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What are cookies?

As is common practice on almost all websites, this site uses cookies, which are small data files that often include a unique identifier and are stored on your device when you visit certain web pages. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device and also to improve their experience on this website.


Cookies can be categorised according to the purpose they serve. There are cookies that are only necessary for the website to function, while others collect statistical information in order to analyse the use of the website and its performance or are used to ensure that additional functionalities are made available to the website or to save the visitor’s browsing preferences whenever they use the same device. Other cookies may also be used to measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising.


The main aim is to simplify navigation and allow the user to make better use of the site. To this end, the user is recognised every time they access the site, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information and thus enabling faster, more efficient and better quality browsing. The information collected by cookies also allows Agenda Microeletrónica to improve its website.


The Microelectronic Agenda Consortium only uses cookies for the purposes identified below:

  • User preference cookies

    Technical cookie that is necessary to know and memorise the user’s preferences regarding cookies on the website. If you have indicated your preference regarding cookie consent, this is where it will be stored.
  • Authentication cookies

    Technical cookie required for authentication on the site.
  • Usage / statistical cookies

    Cookie used to keep records of site use and used by the Google Analytics service.
  • Cookies related to filling in the form

    If you fill in the form provided on the website, we will use cookies to manage your contact process.

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Do you have to accept the use of cookies?

It is important to note that the use of cookies is essential for the correct functioning of the website as a whole, so their acceptance is recommended.


Cookies used

The cookies used do not identify the individual user, but only the computer or mobile device used.


Visualisation of Cookies

All browsers offer the user the possibility of searching and visualising the Cookies installed by a given website, obtaining information on their duration and the possibility of deleting them, as indicated in the following section. Below are a series of informative links on this issue for the most commonly used browsers:

  • Google Chrome:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Microsoft Edge:
  • Safari:


Deactivation or deletion of cookies

To deactivate, restrict, block or delete cookies, the user must modify the configuration of the browser used on their device, whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet. In general, browsers offer the following configuration options regarding the installation of cookies:

  • That the browser rejects all cookies and therefore that no cookies from any website are installed on your terminal.
  • That the browser warns you before the cookie is installed so that you can decide whether or not to accept the installation of the cookie.
  • That the browser only rejects third-party cookies from the websites you visit, but not those used by the website you are browsing.

The option of browsing in private mode in which cookies are installed on the device, but are automatically deleted when you finish browsing the website.

Below are a series of informative links on this issue for the most commonly used browsers:


Do-not-track functionality

“Do-not-track” is a feature that allows visitors not to be tracked by websites and is available in most browsers, including: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera.


Please note that this Cookie Policy is not part of our Privacy Policy. For additional information about us and how we protect user information, please consult our Privacy Policy.


This policy is effective from October/2023.


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