Inova-Ria, a member of the Microelectronics Agenda Consortium, is at the UTAD Summit 2024 today to publicize the Agenda and raise awareness of the sector among the scientific community

The need to attract qualified talent to the Microelectronics and Semiconductors sector and to retain them in Portugal is increasingly a priority for the sector and the various entities that operate in it.

To this end, and within the scope of the Microelectronics Agenda, actions are being developed to raise awareness of these areas among the scientific community and students from universities and polytechnics, namely through Inova-Ria, an entity belonging to the Microelectronics Agenda Consortium, funded by the PRR.

This organization is present at various job fairs across the country with the aim of spreading the word about Micro.electronics among younger people and making students aware of the Microelectronics and Semiconductors sector as a future option, as well as sharing the open opportunities inherent in this sector. Today it is attending the UTAD Summit 2024 for this purpose, an event that brings together students, teachers, specialists and the scientific community.


Agenda da Microeletrónica
Agenda da Microeletrónica

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