Synopys concludes another edition of the Synopsys MicroEletronics Academy

On January 5th, Synopsys, a partner of the Microelectronics Agenda Consortium, closed another edition of the Synopsys MicroEletronics Academy, which took place simultaneously in Porto and Lisbon, and trained 16 Academy students.

Of the planned activities, 6 editions of the Academy, 1 bootcamp and 1 customized course have already taken place, training 77 new professionals in the area. The Academies train students in the areas of Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit (IC) Design.

Within the scope of the Microelectronics Agenda, this partner, through its actions and activities, seeks to contribute to the training of technicians and professionals in the area, focusing in particular on reskilling, retraining professionals from adjacent areas with the necessary basic knowledge. The actions focus on developing specific skills for the Microelectronics Industry, namely in the design of digital and analog integrated circuits, including the theoretical and methodological principles of the process, as well as practical work with industry tools.

Portugal and Europe are currently facing a serious shortage of highly qualified resources, leading senior technicians, particularly in Microelectronic Engineering, to move to other geographies, thus reducing the capacity of members to respond to the needs of the microelectronic ecosystem. In addition, Europe is clearly committed to attracting production capacity in this area, as demonstrated by the proposed “European Chips Act”. Since Portugal intends to present itself as a player in this area, R&H capacity building allows these new resources not only to increase the volume of economic activity, but also to adopt new production processes with greater technological intensity and added value.

During the implementation of the Agenda, Synopsys intends to integrate and train human resources by promoting training academies, workshops, bootcamps and customized courses focused on specific topics in Porto and Lisbon.

The next edition of the Synopsys MicroEletronics Academy is scheduled to start in July. More information about the Academy here.

Agenda da Microeletrónica
Agenda da Microeletrónica

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