Our partner Inova-Ria is taking part in SEI in order to promote the Microelectronics Agenda to the younger generation

The need to attract qualified talent to the Microelectronics sector is currently a priority for the various entities operating in the sector. With this in mind, Inova-Ria, as a partner of the Microelectronics Mobilizing Agenda Consortium, funded by the PRR, is today taking part in SEI – Computer Engineering Week, in Braga, an event that brings together students, teachers, specialists and the scientific community.

By taking part in this event, Inova-Ria is trying to make students aware of the choice of the Microelectronics sector as a career path and to disseminate the Microelectronics Agenda, the Consortium, its objectives and results.

The Microelectronics Agenda is funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR – Recuperar Portugal).

Agenda da Microeletrónica
Agenda da Microeletrónica

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