Plenary session marks the third day of AIDA CCI presence at the 74th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)

The third day of the 74th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) began with a Plenary Session on the theme “Future of Semiconductor Industry”, where new generation solutions and materials were presented by startups, including MicroLEDs and System-In-Package, thermal management, dielectrics and metallization, debated by a panel of researchers. AIDA CCI had the opportunity to speak with Sam Karikalan, Exhibits Chair at ECTC, about the participation of Agenda Microeletrónica as an exhibitor at the next edition of ECTC in Dallas.

During the day, visits were also made to the latest technologies and products from leading companies, universities and research organizations, such as the Institute of Microelectronics (IME) in Singapore, where Surya Bhattacharya showed interest in collaborating with the Microelectronics Agenda through a visit by Portuguese companies to the institute, and CEA-Leti, represented by Sylvie Joly, who was interested in learning more about the results of the Microelectronics Agenda. Sylvie will also be a speaker at the Leti Innovation Days event to be held next month in Grenoble, France.

On this day of the ECTC, the AIDA JRC representatives also spoke to Joana Catarina Mendes, a researcher at the University of Aveiro’s Telecommunications Institute, about integrating artificial diamond into electronic applications to lower the operating temperature of semiconductors and reduce overall energy consumption.

Simarpeet Rattan, representing Microsoft – Washington, also showed interest in the area of advanced packaging and chiplet assembly packaging, and after learning about the Microelectronics Agenda, expressed his intention to follow the project closely.

The Microelectronics Agenda was created as part of the mobilizing agendas of the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan with the aim of strengthening the production and innovation capacity of the national semiconductor and microelectronics industry. It involves a group of 17 partners and seeks to help position Portugal at the forefront of the semiconductor management, production, distribution and recycling market, capable of supplying Europe and other countries worldwide.

The 25 new products, processes and services resulting from the Agenda aim to transform the microelectronics sector and contribute to its resilience, competitiveness and ecological sustainability, and will enable the Portuguese ecosystem to monitor and anticipate the sector’s needs.

The “Microelectronics Agenda” project runs from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024 and is co-financed on a non-repayable basis for a total eligible amount of 6.749,3749.13 by the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan through Next Generation EU.


Agenda da Microeletrónica
Agenda da Microeletrónica

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