Automotive Summit

Automotive Summit


2023-11-15 - 2023-11-16    
Todo o dia


Hotel Meliá Ria
Hotel Meliá Ria, Aveiro

The Automotive Summit is an event for all specialists and those interested in the automotive industry, both personally and professionally. Addressing various themes linked to the sector and integrating elements such as the production of parts and components, vehicle assembly, the various technological support areas as well as the after-sales area, the two-day event will seek to identify and debate industry trends, as well as identify paths for the future. After focusing on the industry’s new paradigms in 2022, this year’s Automotive Summit will focus on the place of Portugal (and the Portuguese) and the Future of the Automotive Sector. Why do the big international players choose Portugal when it comes to establishing operational centers? What role do Portuguese engineers and specialists play in our country and abroad? And what can and should we do to improve and increase this potential? That’s what we want to discuss. The Microelectronics Agenda will be presented at this event, seeking to convey the capacity of Portugal and the Consortium to respond to the sector’s challenges. Register here: See the program here:

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