Inova-Ria, a partner of the Microelectronics Agenda, promotes a talk at Tech Week with the support of partner HFA

As part of the presence of Inova-Ria, a consortium member of the Microelectronics Agenda, at “Tech Week – Electronics, Telecommunications and Aerospace Week”, a lecture was held today on automatic test and production support systems for electronic products.

The talk was given by João Luís Ramos da Costa, Technical Director of the Information Systems and Technology Department of consortium member HFA, S.A. He presented the automatic testing processes used by HFA for electronic equipment and shared developments to reduce testing times, standardize criteria and make them independent of human operators. In addition to this framework, the production control system was also shared.

The talk took place between 2pm and 3pm in the HFA Group Room at DETI-UA.

The Microelectronics Agenda is funded by PRR – Recover Portugal.

Agenda da Microeletrónica
Agenda da Microeletrónica

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