The Inova-Ria consortium is taking part in Tomorrow Needs You in order to publicize the Microelectronics Agenda and raise awareness of the sector among students

Inova-Ria, as a partner of the Microelectronics Mobilizing Agenda Consortium, funded by the PRR, is taking part in Tomorrow Needs You, in Guimarães, an event that brings together students, teachers, experts and the scientific community.

The need to attract qualified talent to the Microelectronics sector is a priority for the various entities operating in the sector and for this reason, it is essential to publicize and make students aware of the opportunities inherent in the sector.

This event, now in its 12th year, includes a showcase of national and international companies, presentation sessions and networking opportunities. It is a job fair that brings together excellent job offers in the field of technology and engineering, making it easier for students to make decisions during their academic career and to see what the market expects of them. The 8,000 or so EEUM students thus have the opportunity to interact and find out about the business areas, open offers and collaboration profiles of major national and international entities.

By taking part in this event, Inova-Ria aims to make students aware of the Microelectronics sector as a future option and to disseminate the Microelectronics Agenda, the Consortium, its objectives and results.

Agenda da Microeletrónica
Agenda da Microeletrónica

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